Monday, November 21, 2011

A day of Miniature Gaming (40K)...

With plenty of beer, pizza and Chinese food, we embarked on a great day of miniature gaming.  In attendance were the Blood Angels, Nurgle Chaos Marines, Grey Knights, Dark Eldar, Dark Angels, Necrons, Imperial Guard, and proxy Necrons.

There were some real tough fought battles and a few clean sweeps but I think everybody had fun.  As the host that is all I was concerned with.   Here is a whole bunch of pics from the day... sadly I am not a very good photographer and an even worse one when drunk hah.

My friends from The Lazarus Effect were here with the Dark Angels, Dark Eldar and Grey Knights.

A few of these guys drove over an hour to come join the battle.  Glad they could make it!

Here are my Blood Angels turtled-up in preparation of the horrible bloodbath the Nurgle marines are about to bring.

This epic game between the Dark Angels and Necrons took most of the afternoon.  It ended in a tie.

Sure I'll name drop! ...we've got International 40K super-stud Ben Mohlie in the house (attic) with the proxy Necrons.

If you're trying to make sense of the "Salamander" army here don't.  It's a proxy Necron list and the pod/landraider is a Monolith.

Most of us had a chance to play two games and I know at least I had a great time.  Still a lot more unpainted models and pieces of scenery on the table than I would have liked, but I am making slow progress.   Next time I will iron the felt mats before gaming and have some beer in reserve but overall the day went pretty smooth, this is what "Attic Wars" is all about.   Thanks again to all that came!

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