Sunday, December 29, 2013

Jarvis We're back in Hardware Mode...

Plastic-crack is a helluva drug - I don't even remember buying this stuff!

Anyway, playing with fortresses and crazy siege scenarios are right up my alley so I've started some new projects and rekindled an old one:

Phase 1 of the defense network waiting for paint (3 defense lines, 1 comm, 4 lascannon batteries, 3 quadguns):

So a project I've been 'working on' for years is finally getting some love; I've been converting the old Warhammer castle for 40k and now the time is right.  I used extra sprue bits to mount these turret guns so they can still move; next I have to add the stone-wall around the gun placement with textured plasti-card and green stuff. This is just a glimpse of a very early WIP stage: