Monday, September 21, 2015

Farewell old Attic - welcome new Gaming space!

I'll miss this attic. The table was 16x6' long and hosted many years of great gaming with great people. It was very well suited to Apocalypse which we did play somewhat regularly... it also had plenty of space for painting / hobby etc. Anyway I've finally moved on... Ordel V has been virus bombed and declared inhabitable.

Here are just a few pics from throughout the years of gaming:

As sad as I am to say goodbye to the attic, I'm more excited about the new space, which is still under construction:
I haven't built any actual tables yet (just a sheet of wood for now), but slow progress is being made.

 Yes - that's a beer fridge, and a small painting station.

I've had to move my major painting setup to a different room; hopefully I can be more productive!

The space is still very much a WIP, but hopefully it serves as well as the attic did over the years.

I just wanted to get something up quickly but expect more to come with better pictures.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mission of the Day - The Plains of Eriodor!

Courtesy of DR. EW from The Lazarus Effect.

Here is today's mission:

Today a minimum of 3 games will be played to continue our ongoing 40K Campaign. Pictures soon to follow...

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How To Create Your Own (32mm) Resin bases...

If you're willing to follow the proper steps, creating your own resin bases can be surprisingly easy. Hopefully you can learn from my experience and my mistakes to get started on your own bases.

First, you'll obviously need to make base master copies. I got a cheap roll of thin cork from Staples and with some odd bits, sand, and PVA glue, I made some simple scenic bases. Next you'll need a container to hold your mold - I used plastic egg containers (the flat side).

In the first batch I used wall-tac to affix the base to the plastic but the mold-mix seeped underneath the bases causing complications. The best thing to do is to glue the base down so no mold-mix can penetrate.

Once the bases are glued down, seal the entire container with a gloss finish. I used Krylon Crystal Clear... I learned the hard way that not sealing them will leave all of your fancy base work stuck in the mold.

Now you are ready to pour your mold. Be sure to use Silicone rather than Latex if you intend to make more than one batch of bases. I used the One-to-One Express from Micro-Mark:,11755.html

I used water to get the measurements correct so as not to waste any mold mix, marking the plastic cups accordingly. Once the mix was poured and cured, I gently pealed it off...

In this picture ^^ you can see the flash around some of the base molds - that is because I didn't glue this batch down and the mix got beneath the base master -- make sure you glue them down and make sure you seal them!

Now you're ready to pour some resin... I used Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 300; but you can use Alumilite, Micro-Mark or whichever is your favorite type of resin.

Make sure you mix and pour before the resin cures... in this picture ^^ you can see how the resin started to cure before I was finished pouring - these bases were trashed.

Again, I used water to get my measurements correct before pouring so as not to waste any resin... once I got the timing down the rest came easy:

I painted one base so that I can re-base Commander Dante (who usually falls over on the smaller base), but I intend to re-base all of my jump-infantry and my newer Tactical squads.


Once I got the technique down I was surprised how easy it actually was to create nice looking resin bases. I hope this article will help some of you create your own bases; feel free to leave questions or comments!