Thursday, June 30, 2016

Lukas the Trickster (Just for Fun)

They don't call this jerk the Trickster for no reason apparently. I've never had so many things, go so horribly wrong on a miniature before...

Here's a summary of what went wrong:
  • Airbrush nozzle split and showered this guy with a heavy heavy coat of gloss, covering a lot of detail 
  • The water affect spilled over the entire model on my first try and I scraped down to metal by accident trying to remove it
  • The water affect on later tries still didn't do what I wanted and covered the base and base rim with glossy lumps that needed lots of tidying up
  • I dropped the model once, cracking it off the base and ungluing ALL the glued parts - but thankfully due to the ridiculous amount of gloss it didn't hurt too much of the paint
  • I tried to sand the horrible lumps around the rim of the base and instead dropped the model onto cement this time... bent the claws badly out of shape with some minor paint chipping
  • I tried to bend the lightning claws back into shape, and then the paint started to chip off entirely
  • Finally, after sanding, re-priming spot areas and repainting the model as needed, I broke out my previously unused photo-booth. I promptly knocked over one of the lamps and the bulb broke -- right out of the gate.
Anyway he's done... here are some more pictures:

Here is after I dropped him on cement:

Here is after I tried to bend the claws back into shape:

I almost gave up at this point but decided to push through... a final shot:

Mostly this model was fun to paint, though I'd forgotten how much of a pain metal figures are. I have a backlog of individual models that I'd bought just because they looked fun to paint... I hope to start getting through them now finally.