Friday, March 3, 2017

++: Incoming - Apocalypse Mission Briefing :++

Gearing up for the big Apocalypse game and/or procrastinating from painting, I present the current Apocalypse Mission (slightly altered from the rulebook version):


Yes, that's three 4x6 foot tables combined to form this battlefield. The centerpiece will again be the Bastion of Medusa in the Imperial Deployment zone.

The mission will follow most of the rules from the (6th edition) Apocalypse Rulebook, however we've decided to make some changes to reflect our group style and incompatibilities that exist with 7th edition, for example:

The Psychic Phase - Instead of rolling each player automatically gets 3 Psychic Dice (plus Mastery levels) to use on their turn. The defending side can choose to pool Psychic Dice for Deny the Witch rolls.
Rules for Fortifications, Super-Heavy Vehicles/Flyers/Walkers, Gargantuan Creatures & Flying Gargantuan Creatures, Stomp and D Weapons are taken from the 7th Edition core Rulebook (or Planetary Onslaught) rather than the Apocalypse Rulebook.
Banned Psychic Powers - Invisibility(Telepathy), Shifting Worldscape(Geokinesis), Worldwrithe(Geomortis)

Pictures of the actual battlefield soon to follow...