Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Blood Angel Dreadnoughts

Before the last big (7th edition) Apocalypse game I speed painted two Blood Angels Dreadnoughts. They're both fairly simple, but I'm pretty satisfied with the Furioso ("Fragioso") at least. I'm only now just getting around to pictures...

Here's the Death Company Dreadnought, I'm not as happy with the black armour on this guy, but the unpainted pile is too big to fuss now.

If I eventually go back to touch-up the black, I'll have to re-touch this guy as well... he's almost 10 years old now!

After I finish a few Death Korps of Krieg models I've got two more Dreadnoughts that I'd love to get on the table... some early WIP shots:

Thanks for looking!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dead Men Incoming... the start of my Death Korps of Krieg (WIP)

Always choosing the path of most resistance... I've decided to start building a Death Korps of Krieg army.

Almost done - need to finish the Metallics and base...

It all began with Shadow War: Armageddon, and quickly snowballed from there into an expensive and at times, terribly frustrating, resin addiction.

I don't have a single model completely finished yet... but the Medusa and 9 Infantry models are getting close.

A lot of this army is no longer in production from Forgeworld so I had to make do with some conversions and proxies and such. Here are some converted (and magnetized) "Death Korps Storm Chimera" turrets with Autocannons:

I also grabbed some Victoria Miniatures turret weapon barrels and magnetized them for my Leman Russ turrets:

Here is what my current progress looks like (the Medusa isn't glued together yet):

A closeup of the Watchmaster (sergeant):
Also needs finished Metallics and basing...

This pile is next on deck, though I really should focus on finishing at least 1 model!:

After all of these vehicles are done I have the long, hard journey of painting tons of Infantry models. I've built 2 regular Infantry squads and 2 small Grenadier squads. I need to build officers and a lot more troops. Maybe Conscripts?!?

I also have some eBay trainwreck, bargain tanks that need some work - a Hellhound (stripped) and another Leman Russ currently in pieces.

My friends know I'm really good at planning and buying - not so good at finishing; to further that point I bought a Malcador Heavy Tank at the Nova!

Thanks for looking - stay tuned for pictures of the completed models.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Images and Impressions from the Nova (2017)

This was my first time attending the Nova Open in DC, and I'll definitely be back. I didn't play any games in the official events (just casually), and I spent most of my time taking some excellent classes, most notably with Roman Lappat (he's a great teacher!). I took several of his classes, and also a good one with Matt Dipietro.

I didn't get many photos of actual gaming as I was in a class or painting most of the time, but I collected a few nice pictures of game tables, showcase miniatures and other miscellaneous scenes.

This was one of Roman's that was in the case... this picture doesn't do it justice.

A few more from the Roman case!


Artist "0161" - Melissa, had several really gorgeous entries, that blue skin tone kills me!

A few from Matt Dipietro... that fish is just crazy.

Some more random shots from the cases below...

Next are a few nice looking tables and stuff from the game room, note - this doesn't do the gaming area any justice. Games on a massive scale were being played on several floors. Clearly 8th edition has really charged up the gaming community; it was impressive how many tables were in play.

Yes the 40K room smelled, literally, like cat piss, so there's that... I guess the rising popularity has brought home the card gamers. 😏

Jason and Mad Mark (The Lazarus Effect) played in the 30K Team event... weird that only this one picture was taken, too many beers I guess.
Both of their armies were painted to a very high standard and Jason's tank had interior lights that were a big hit. These two won the Best Sportsmanship Award for the 30K event... proving finally that somebody does, actually like Jason.

This was our little painting / hobby corner...
One of the coolest aspects of this event was just how far the hotel went to accommodate the crowd. The gaming floors were just amazing, but so was the vendors' area, the seminar class rooms, and especially the designated areas for folks to setup and paint. Army Painter even provided a station of paints and hobby supplies for anyone to use.

Again I'll just say, I'll definitely be back. Having only taken classes and skipping all of the gaming / tournament events, I don't feel that I missed out on anything. Next time I'll likely do the same. If you're not really a "competitive" player and you're on the fence about going next year, just do it... there's so much more than tournaments happening and it's awesome.

Check out the Lazarus Effect for more pictures from the Nova...