Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some HQ and Elites awaiting paint...

Well this is admittedly a rather lame blog post but for my own sake to keep things moving here are some unpainted minis hah...

My Nurgle Chaos Lord with some small conversions; basically the bolt pistol, the mace (The Black Mace), and banner post and the backpack. (Raging Heroes mini):

My Nurgle Chaos Sorcerer with some conversion work; the cloak and weapon details etc...:
Same dude on a smaller base; I'm still trying to decide between better game-play or the base I prefer (the 40mm):

My Great Unclean One (Ultraforge mini):

And finally the ForgeWorld Dreadnought/Helbrute with shooty arms:

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Getting stuff done? ...the slow crawl of papa Nurgle.

Well this is usually where most of my armies come to die; at the cleaning flash and pinning stage.  But I am determined to finally make some headway on this... Here are the infantry for my 1850 CSM-CD Nurgle list:

They are not much to look at yet... after this I have to build 3 rhinos, a predator, a soul-grinder and a fat-boy GUO.   The Lord and Sorcerer are basically waiting for my bases to arrive.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Which head?!? (CSM Nurgle Sorcerer WIP)

I'm torn between these two heads; one (the plastic head) looks more like a proper sorcerer and sort of matches the theme; the other (the metal head) is just awesome. This blog doesn't generate too many comments hehe but if anyone is out there send me a clue...

Head 1:

And here is Head 2:

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Amera Vacuum Molded Terrain WIP - Phase 4!

Yeah this blog stayed idle for over a year but I'm back... here is a piece of Amera Terrain ...the crashed ship/chopper.  I plan to sand down the moss a bit once it dries but I didn't want to wait before I took pictures... so here it is:

Chaos Space Marine Revival...

So that enormous pile of unbuilt Chaos is finally getting some love.  I've only gone as far as opening all the boxes, cleaning a little flash, and working on Lord and Sorcerer conversions.  Nurgle has been my God of choice since back in the early 90's, when I first read through the 'Lost and the Damned - Realm of Chaos' book.  It has taken me that long to get started...

Here are my Veterans of the Long War:

My old Chaos Lord built many years ago; I have already stripped and cut him to pieces for my new Sorcerer, but here is the before picture since I have nothing else interesting to post:

I'll be sticking to Nurgle throughout this army with likely some Chaos Daemon additions, since I already have the models.  All of my models are old, and metal, even the Daemon Princes - boo.  I'll be rolling out mostly infantry and no flyers to start.  Anyway I hope to have some more progress to show soon!