Thursday, June 19, 2014

Losing to Eldar got you down?

Well... take a passive aggressive stand and make some crashed Eldar scenery heh.

Here is a photo of the wicked Eldar in action:

And here are my crashed Eldar terrain pieces:

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Objective Markers ...(unpainted)

Here are two sets of (6) Objective Markers I threw together, they obviously still need to be painted and they're not much to look at yet. I have a plan for 6 more that I'll get to one of these days... For the two sets shown I do need some ideas on how to number them eventually also.

Monday, June 16, 2014

The 7th Edition - to a great beginning!

That morning the rules were released we all went out and grabbed a copy, then immediately put them to the test... so far I believe the general consensus is a firm thumbs up!

The new Maelstrom of War missions have also been incredibly fun and certainly require some new ways of thinking within your typical 40K game.

Overall I'd say the new rules are pretty smooth and even intuitive, though a few of the terrain changes seem odd to me; in particular the forest / "Twisted Copse". Must we really buy the GW specific "wood" to make woods/forest/jungle work like they should? I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

I'd say every wood/forest/jungle on a base, should work like the "Twisted Copse", but loose trees/plants should not.  Anyway... the area terrain changes seem a little more logical otherwise.

Here are some pictures of games from a few different days of gaming:
 Death from the Skies!
 The Daemons advance!

 The poor Grey Knights, with their short range weapons and abundance of psykers are a tailored made diet for the Great Devourer and Shadows in the Warp... (the Imperium didn't fair well in this engagement).

 Hive Fleet Cinnamon Toast Crunch advances! ...yes those wings are from a cereal box (sorry, it's just temporary).

 GK v BA moments before a bloody battle.

 Some Rogue Trader Blood Angels march to war.
 The Great Devourer moves in on the Dark Angels - yes 'Shadows in the Warp' sucked the DA Librarian into the Warp!