Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Amera Vacuum Molded Terrain WIP - Phase 1!

So I have a lot of this stuff.  I jumped in deep and got an assortment of everything.  The city buildings (not shown here) are a bit dodgy, strange to assemble, and look very generic next to a GW or Pegasus building.  The rest however, are really quite fantastic.   They are surprisingly sturdy because they are mostly all one-piece molds, and it's not difficult to add further detail with textured primer, sand, flock, bitz etc.   I have to say, I love this terrain.  I still have a ways to go before all of these pieces are completed but I believe it will be a relatively easy task.   The picture above shows my current state of progress.

I used a combination of primers, some of them textured-primers as you can see.  I am such a huge fan of Krylon primer and its "360 degree" spray tip... it sprays perfectly every time.   The Rust-oleum "textured" primer was a disaster and splattered large dots everywhere, but the Rust-oleum "stone" worked great.   Anyway these babies are ready for a quick airbrushing now (Phase 2)...

Oh and here is the link to the Amera Terrain site:

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  1. I'm a fan of Amera Plastics, you failed to mention just how great value pieces they are!

    I've just recently posted up a review for some Plasti-Kote textured spray which gives a pretty good effect... You might be interested <a href=">HERE</a>

    You'll see that the test subject was a landing pad from Amera... I like the look of the bastion style buildings, and the small watchtowers that they do as well. I'd be interested in seeing more detailed images for the kit you've got (if you haven't posted about them already!??)