Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Amera Vacuum Molded Terrain WIP - Phase 2!

Quick update here ...I haven't had much time for nerdy things recently.  Here is a small amount of progress.  I basically finished the base-coating on the redoubt, bunker, and the two bastions.  I'd like to go back and add washes, weathering, flock, automated guns, Aquilas etc, but that will have to wait.  Still on deck - all the rest of the Amera terrain and the GW buildings.

Here is another shot of the terrain...  I hope to have them completely finished by the end of the year hah.

It is worth noting that this terrain is incredibly cheap if you live in the UK.  Shipping to the US took a bite out of the savings but still worthwhile in my opinion.

Here is that address again if you are so inclined:

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