Monday, November 7, 2011

My big fat terrain database... a WIP

So I have a LOT of terrain it seems.  I've never previously had the space to see it all together on one table, and remind me that I may in fact have a problem hah.   I have enough painted pieces for a few games, enough just built for a super-mega Apocalypse game, and still plenty on sprues (most notably another entire Imperial Sector, and an Imperial Stronghold).

These 'no-frills' Gothic ruins by Pegasus are really fantastic.  They were easy to assemble and paint, and they look great, even next to the highly detailed GW buildings.

The Amera vac-mold stuff will be fairly easy to paint once I hit it all with textured primer, and I believe it will end up looking quite good.  I will add some spray-foam to the interior of a few pieces just for weight... these pieces are surprisingly sturdy already.

The GW terrain is of course in a league of its own and I find it a little intimidating to paint as it all has just so much detail to contend with.  So far this is where I am at... yes, a long way to go.

This is the full list of all the terrain that I own, in its various stages of construction.

1 set of WH40k Jungle trees – completely unbuilt.
1 Imperial Sector - completely unbuilt.
1 Imperial Strongpoint – completely unbuilt.
1 Skyshield Landing Pad – built unpainted.
1 Warhammer Fantasy Fortress – built, partially converted for Planet Strike.
1 Imperial Sector – (1 Manufactorum – primed, 1 Sanctum Imperialis - primed, 1 Basilica Administratum – primed).
1 Shrine of Aquila – primed.
1 Honoured Imperium – primed.
1 Battlescape – primed.
1 Temple of Skulls – primed.
1 set crashed Imperial Aquila Shuttle terrain pieces from BfM – painted.
1 set of 2 small ruins from 3rd edition Box – painted.
3rd Party:
Package of Woodland Scenic trees – unassembled.
Package of Woodland Scenic tree (clump foliage) leaves – unassembled.
Various Amera vac-mold buildings – completely unbuilt.
Amera small hill & large hill – unpainted.
Amera ruined walls set of 2 – unpainted.
Amera amphitheatre – unpainted.
Amera craters set of 8 – unpainted.
Amera crashed helicopter gunship – unpainted.
Amera redoubt – unpainted.
Amera fortified barricades set of 3 – unpainted.
Amera observation bunker – unpainted.
Amera bastion strongholds set of 2 – unpainted.
Amera scenery set – unpainted.
Amera castle ruins – unpainted.
Gothic City Ruins Set 1 Terrain (Pegasus Hobbies) – painted.
“Dugg” from Dakka vehicle crater set – painted.

2 hot-wire / razorwire placements – unpainted.
2 foam armory-type structures – unpainted.
2 mossy ruined wall placements – painted.
Old plastic tank (dark angels) – painted.
1 hot-wire / razorwire placement – painted.
2 tiki heads – painted.
6 tree bases varius sizes – painted.
28 jungle trees – painted.

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