Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Amera Vacuum Molded Terrain WIP - Phase 3!

Here is a small update.  Some more Amera terrain that has been more-or-less completed.

A few more pics:


  1. Wow, great job with that terrain. The amphitheater thing looks unbelievable, seeing you're progress on these makes me want to invest in some Amera stuff.

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  3. "Invest" is a good description, their terrain is very reasonably priced as I keep saying! lol! Shipping aborad might take a bit of the value out of it, but you'll never feel like you've been stung by a high price that's for sure! I've reviewed some of their stuff on my own blog here and used a textured spray to start painting the Landing Pad... Can I ask the process you used for painting these??

  4. Thanks for the blog, much appreciated. Come and see our facebook page for more reviews and painting ideas, all ideas for new stuff welcomed!