Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Giant Trees for 40K Apocalypse!

Our last battle was fought on a 12x6 foot table with 12,000 points per side. To have some large line-of-sight blocking terrain pieces I threw together some giant trees.

I started with some cheap (Home Goods) fake Bonsai Trees like this:
I pulled them out of the planters, then hot glued them to my own MDF and sculpted foamcore base.
Then I used coarse Pumice to cover the lines and add some texure...

And finally I added some paint and green flock/grass to finish them off; though eventually I will go back and repaint the tree bark and even Matte finish the leaves (I was running out of time before the big game!)...

Here are the rules we used for the trees in our Apocalypse game; just for fun I made an Apocalypse data-sheet:

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