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Apocalypse on Ordel V. - The Final Assault - Part 3

The skeins of fate were a mad web on this world, twisting and writhing. Their destiny seemed so clear on Iyanden, but now… Kelmon walked from the shadow of the forest, the tall grass brushing against his outstreched fingertips. The Mon-keigh cut deep into the ancient forest to build their offensive city, but the great trees resisted. They grew back with such speed and fortitude that the humans could never manage to keep them at bay. At its periphery the city and the forest became a strange chimera of natural and synthetic. He welcomed the thought that one day the world might recover, but wept for the damage already done.

Many eldar died on this world, and many that were already dead, were lost forever. A few waystones would be recovered, but many more were destroyed. The spirits of those wraith-constructs were released into the ether, to be consumed by She Who Thirsts.

Their temporary allies, Dark Kin were already gone. They disappeared as quickly as they came, raiders loaded with human captives, bound for their slave pits of Commorragh. The monster Haemonculus Urien Rakarth sent a note before he left, carried by a warrior wearing a haughty expression on his cruel and unnaturally florid face. He unrolled the message, realizing at once that it was written on the recently tanned flesh of a human captives. A tattoo of the eagle that represented the corpse-god of the imperium was at the top of the note, and below it a hand written message in flowery script. The fluid letters were deep brown, and Kelmon had no doubt were inked in the blood of the same human who donated his flesh to Rakarth’s message.

I cannot thank you enough for your invitation. The humans provide such sport. I had no idea our craftworld kin could be such fun. Please contact me if you need another world destroyed.

Kelmon dropped the note in disgust. It fluttered to the ground like a falling leaf.

We should not have allowed their participation,” he hissed at the Eldar approaching from the ruined city.

Prince Atarax shook his head, and a grim smile cut across his face. “It was necessary, farseer. You see much, but you cannot see that?”

I see more than you think.”

The prince and his corsair fleet, the Doom Wraiths, came unbidden to assist in the capture of this world. They were alerted by a troupe of harlequins -- all of whom had now disappeared -- that their assistance was needed. Prince Atarax, professing his devotion to the Eldar race complied.

Kelmon studied Atarax. The corsair prince and his followers walked a path that could lead to inevitable destruction. Without the structure of the craftworlds, they would lose the battle they fought with their own natures. Already, they appeared more like the Dark Kin than their craftworld brethren. They teetered at a precipice, and when they fell, there would be no redemption.

Was our sacrifice worth the prize?” the prince demanded, interrupting Kelmon’s introspection.

The artifact? No, it is meaningless. A bauble the Mon-keigh found during the long night. They believe it is many things, each faction expecting it to reveal the secrets they seek, but it will reveal nothing. It will corrupt the weak, and even the strong will be goaded. It may provide temporary power, but leads only to destruction. It is better left to the dead.”

Why come here, then?” Prince Atarax demanded, “Why risk so much?”

It was a necessary effort. The Mon-keigh are a tool of greater powers. The path from this world would have led to calamity for all. Now they are on another path, one that could preserve the Eldar... but the future is clouded. I fear there is something we may yet need to do.”

Prince Atarax nodded cautiously. “We will do what is necessary.”
Narrative by Dr. Ew from the

End of Game Turn 5:

The DC Dreadnought still has the calm to know that 'snap shot' fusion guns are less dangerous than aimed shots; or maybe he just prefers to cut Xenos open - up close and personal... After the massacre he consolidated back towards the objective.

The Iron Hands bring in some late reinforcements to help clean this corner of any Xenos presence.

The mysterious (Xenos) flyer-base flew around the battlefield for much of the latter part of the game; I still have no idea what it was. The last of the StormRavens went down this turn...
The two objectives in the top part of this picture were held by Eldar forces for the entire game.

The Xenos forces held both of these objectives at the end of this turn.

Dark Eldar continue to hold the upper battlements of the Bastion of Medusa...

End of Game Turn 6 (Final Turn):

The final turn was as bloody as the rest, with very little of the original 24,000 points left standing on the field of battle.

The Dark Eldar hold fast on the battlements for the final turn. Xenos forces continued to hold the other two objectives furthest in their deployment zone.
While the Death Company and DC Dreadnought finally fall, the Blood Angels manage to reclaim objective III with jump-packs at full tilt.
The Imperials hold onto this objective without contest.
The StormTalon pilot considered making a desperate landing to try and grab this objective, but in the end it was deemed a lost cause.
This vindicator (with siege shield) grabbed this objective. In the case of "contested" objectives we used a roll-off to determine ownership - the Imperial forces won.

By the end the Imperial defense forces were able to secure enough objectives to make the game close and possibly even achieve some hidden and undisclosed campaign goals.

We ended the game after turn 6, slightly ahead of schedule. It was a long day of gaming, drinking beer and standing, but due to proper planning and organization we got through a 24,000 game in record time. In short, it was f***ing awesome.

Final Score: Xenos 21, Imperial 18

Janestus picked his way through the ruins, returning to the gathered cluster of expectant Lords of Vegeance space marines.

Did you find it?” one of the sergeants called out as he approached.

He patted the satchel hanging at his side. Heat emanated from the artifact. He could feel it even through his power armor. “Our brothers are misguided, this will help us return them to the true path.”

He climbed atop a plinth that once held a statue, now shattered and unrecognizable, half buried in ash and ruin. The artifact was in his hand, though he could not recall freeing it. He held it aloft. Wonder filled the faces of his men. This was true power. “Vengeance!” he cried out.

Vengeance!” they echoed.
Narrative by Dr. Ew from the

I hope you enjoyed reading as much as we did playing. Warhammer 40K is just such a fantastic game, even more-so when you have the right group of people. Thanks for viewing!


  1. A fantastic series of posts Vin, thanks for taking all the photos, and then figuring out what the hell went down! Also, I believe that flyerless base was my Dark Eldar Razorwing.

    1. Ahh that explains it... I do regret taking such biased (Blood Angel only) photos, which I don't even remember doing, but in the future I'll be more conscious of that.