Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Apocalypse on Ordel V. - The Final Assault - Part 2

Populi Ordel burned. A column of black climbed to the upper atmosphere where it mingled with smoke from a thousand other fires.
Ordel V was dead. A transmission from the Inquisitor Thundorrklappe of the Ordo Xenos recommended virus bombing the world. “A waste of munitions,” the Iron Hands Chapter Master responded. Chapter Master Timon of the Lords of Vengeance agreed. Nothing would live on that blasted surface again.

From the bridge of his battle barge, Timon surveyed the massive fleet of survivors, herded by Astartes frigates and battle barges. The population of Ordel V, and all essential materiel, were packed into those vessels. They would refit at Krakan, and the fleet would join the crusade to reclaim the lost worlds of the Lazarus Reach. Those survivors would receive a second chance at life as colonists on newly conquered worlds.
“My lord,” a human communications officer approached, data slate in hand, “Commander Dante will survive.”

“Of course.” Timon never had any doubt. The Blood Angels Commander would not die in such an insignificant skirmish.

He surveyed the burned out husk of Ordel V one last time as the fleet moved out of orbit, and swore that one day he would have vengeance for all that had occurred there.
Narrative by Dr. Ew from the http://thelazaruseffect.blogspot.com/.

End of Game Turn 3:


Commander Dante (Warlord) was mortally wounded this turn and carried off the field of battle...
The Librarian Furioso, some Blood Angels and a bunch of Dark Eldar pile into the objective...
The landraider, (poison) bolters, and the Line-breaker squadron focused fire on the Wraithknights, finally making some progress this turn.

The Xenos take control of the Bastion of Medusa.

Xenos pile into this objective as well...

End of Game Turn 4:

The Death Company and DC Dreadnought take heavy fire but stay standing...
The Dark Eldar are removed from the objective and some Iron Hands move in for support.
Both sides lost a knight this turn.

Xenos assault and destroy the Baal Predator...

The Fire Dragons and the DC Dreadnought square off...

The Imperials took many casualties but were able to secure some objectives and gain some points this round.

After this turn (4) we took a break, which meant that this was a scoring turn. We ate beef stew and GingerCats, had more beer and got ready for turn 5...

Score at the end of turn 4: Xenos 11, Imperial 9

Part 3 of this Bat-Rep will include turn 5 and the final turn (6). Thanks for viewing!


  1. Great Pics and blog, can’t wait for the next apocalypse game! I forgot just how many elder we were able to take out in the 2nd part.

    1. Yeah I'm already fired-up for the next one... and it's true, once that shield generator went down we put some seriously hurt on those wraithknights.