Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Blood Angels Command...

I finally got around to finishing the Sanguinary Guard, making them a full 10-man unit, and with the leftover gold I decided to paint up a Blood Angels Command Squad. The Librarian showed up just for the photo.

I was a bit lazy with the gold this time around and skipped most of the previous shading and highlighting in favor of a more simple, zenithal highlighting approach using the airbrush. .

Some base-coating here...

And the final pictures; hopefully I'll have more photos from the battlefield soon!

Now on to the Red ones...


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  2. The gold looks great, which of your methods did you use to achieve that look?

    1. Hey thanks, was more or less my previous (vallejo model colour method 3) recipe. I got lazy this time though and relied on the airbrush for the xenithal highlights, it worked fine.
      base - vmc brass + brown
      xenith hl 1 - vmc gold
      xenith hl 2 - vmc gold + tiny bit of vmc silver

      Then I just did a wash with very thinned p3-umbral umber.