Sunday, July 20, 2014

Ebay Scam from China... ACK!

So ...I should have known better; but avoid this seller at all costs: namiloveslivers

I purchased the Tyranid Hierophant Bio-Titan, or so I thought, and received 3 metal Captain Sicarius space marines; now my choice is to play the 'return and wait' dance which will put me out of dispute range because it has to go all the way to China!! ...or take the loss!

His name is allegedly, Zhang Ping
Shi Hua 4 Garden
No. 476 Room 405
Shanghai Shanghai
China 200540
Here is my "Bio-Titan" order haha:
Apparently he has several Ebay seller accounts (unfortunately), and he does actually sell some (counterfeit) models but once he runs out he continues to collect money (and screw over buyers) - then just makes a new seller profile and starts over.

Hopefully someone can stop this guy.  Best of luck folks...

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